Malita Investments plc - Allocation Policy

On 2 August, Malita Investments plc announced the allocation policy in respect of its recent oversubscribed share issue.

The Company revealed that it received 1,239 applications for a total of 30.97 million shares compared to the maximum 30 million shares in issue. Malita explained that all applications up to 1 million shares will be satisfied in full. Meanwhile, applications for over 1 million shares will be allocated 88.16% of the applied amount, rounded down to the nearest 100 shares. This allocation policy satisfies 99.6% of the applications in full.

Refunds will take place by Friday 3 August while allotment advices will be dispatched to all applicants by Wednesday 8 August.

Listing of the shares on the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange will take place on Tuesday 7 August and trading is expected to commence on Monday 13 August.