Bank of Valletta plc - Issue of Second Series of Notes

On 13 March, Bank of Valletta plc announced that following approval by the Listing Authority, it will be issuing the second series from its €125 million Debt Issuance Programme launched last year. During 2011, BOV had issued a total of €55.4 million in Notes under this programme.

The second tranche will consist of a maximum of €40 million in Notes carrying a coupon of 4.25% and maturing in 2019. The Bank noted that an application has been made to list the Notes on the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange.

Full details on the Notes can be found in the Prospectus dated 31 May 2011 as supplemented on the 18 July 2011 and on the 12 March 2012 as well as the relative Final Terms dated 12 March 2012. These documents will be available upon request or downloaded electronically from our website as from 20 March 2012.