Malta International Airport plc - Record passenger movements in 2011

On 3 January, Malta International Airport plc issued a Company Announcement stating that during 2011, passenger movements increased by 6.5% to a new record of 3.5 million passengers.

In a press conference accompanied by the Minister of Finance, the Economy and Investment and the Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, the Environment and Culture, MIA’s new CEO Mr Markus Klaushofer explained that the record movements during the past twelve months followed from another record year in 2010 when passenger traffic had grown by 12.8% over 2009.

Mr. Klaushofer also stated that the Company will be announcing detailed traffic results for 2011 later on this month. When commenting about 2012, the CEO added that MIA is expecting a challenging year ahead, especially in so far as seat capacity is concerned. The airport operator is working with all stakeholders concerned to be prepared for the challenges of the coming months.

The CEO also indicated that 2012 will be an eventful year for the Company due to the inauguration of the SkyParks Business Centre and the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Terminal building.