Malta Government Stocks - Results of MGS Issue

On 31 August, the Treasury announced that it received a total of 13 bids for the tender offer of two new floating rate Malta Government Stocks for a value of €66.9 million (nominal). The Treasury had offered a total of €50 million with the option of increasing the aggregate amount by a maximum amount of an additional €25 million.

The Treasury stated that it allotted a total of €56.4 million (nominal) in the two floating rate stocks as follows:

i)              the €25 million in bids with respect to the FR% MGS 2017 (V) were accepted in full with prices ranging from 100.25% to 100.15%

ii)             €31.4 million were allotted in the FR% MGS 2018 (IV) at prices ranging from a high of 100.3% to a cut-off of 95.32% with a further €10.5 remaining unsatisfied at a price of 95% or below.


Download a copy of the August 2012 – Malta Government Stock Issue Statistics issued by the Treasury of Malta.