International Hotel Investments plc - Allocation Policy

On 20 December, International Hotel Investments plc announced the allocation policy in respect of the recently issued €40 million 4.0% unsecured bonds maturing in 2026.

IHI received nearly €47.9 million from preferred applicants – i.e. holders of the 6.25% IHI plc 2017/2020 and the 6.5% IHG plc 2017/2019 (the “Exchangeable Bonds”). The amount of Exchangeable Bonds transferred to the Company amounted to €29.1 million and these will be allocated in full. With respect to the remaining €10.9 million, IHI will be satisfying the first €3,000 in full and 36.2499% of the remaining amount rounded to the nearest €100.

Interest on the new bonds commences today 20 December 2016 and refunds of unallocated monies will be made by latest 28 December 2016. The bonds are expected to be admitted to listing on 29 December 2016 whilst trading is expected to commence on 30 December 2016.