Malta Government Stocks - Results of MGS Issue

On 28 October, the Treasury announced that it received applications from the general public for the two new Malta Government Stocks for a value of nearly €187.8 million (nominal). The Treasury will be exercising its over-allotment option and increasing the aggregate amount to €160.0 million.

The Treasury stated that the 10 applications for the 1.5% MGS 2022 (IV) FI having a total nominal value of €131,000 will be accepted in full. Meanwhile, with respect to the applications received for the 2.1% MGS 2039 (I), which amounted to just below €187.7 million, the following allocation policy will apply:

  • Applications up to €45,000 (nominal) will be met in full;
  • Applications in excess of €45,000 (nominal) will receive €45,000 (nominal) in full plus an additional 11% of the remaining unallocated balance rounded up to the nearest €100.

The Treasury indicated that it will be satisfying nearly 85% of the total nominal amount of applications received in the 2.1% MGS 2039 (I).

Interest on the two new MGS started accruing as from Monday 24 October 2016. In due course, the Treasury will be announcing the date when the refunds of unallocated funds will be made.