RS2 Software plc - Details of Acquisition of Kalicom

On 31 January 2020, RS2 Software plc published a presentation delivered during a stockbrokers’ meeting held on 28 January 2020 in relation to the 100% acquisition of Kalicom Liebers Zahlungssysteme KG (“Kalicom”). In the presentation, RS2 explained that the acquisition of Kalicom represents an attractive inorganic growth opportunity as it enables RS2 a quick penetration into the direct acquiring market as well as a complete POS service offering and distribution capability. The acquisition also presents RS2 with a number of cross-selling opportunities within the under-served German market as well as prospects for significant value creation through integrated group capabilities.

With respect to the transaction details, RS2 disclosed that the total consideration for the acquisition amounted to €2.5 million (excluding one-time costs of €0.25 million for technical integration). The company also confirmed that the acquisition will be funded through bank borrowings. In this respect, RS2 also added that the amount paid for Kalicom is expected to match the EBITDA contributions that Kalicom is projected to generate within the next five years.

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