RS2 plc - Update on the Impact from ‘COVID-19’

On 18 March 2020, RS2 Software plc announced that following recent events related to the global spread of the coronavirus ‘COVID-19’, it has now triggered its business continuity plan in order to continue providing its services with no impact or interruption to business. The company tested its plan involving all of its offices around the world, executing all processes remotely and testing its business from various aspects including operational, technological and infrastructural. The plan was also executed in order to adhere to the various governmental requirements in the various regions but, more importantly, to secure the health and safety of the company’s various stakeholders and partners.

In this respect, RS2 confirmed that its testing plan was successful and fully functional. As a result, all of RS2’s business lines – namely, licensing, processing and merchant services – around the globe are operating at normal services levels. RS2 also noted that although it is too early to forecast the impact of the ‘COVID-19’ pandemic on its financial and operational performance, especially since developments continue to unfold on a daily basis, the company is confident that with its healthy pipeline of business, leading technology and competent team, it will be able to meet the challenges that the pandemic may present.