Bank of Valletta plc - Investment in Insurance Associate

On 25 March 2021, Bank of Valletta plc announced that it carried out a €20 million capital injection in favour of its associate company MAPFRE MSV Life plc (“MMSV”) to acquire shares in the company as part of its recapitalisation exercise. BOV explained that it is supportive of MMSV which has been profitable over the years and does not wish to dilute its shareholding and influence in the company. The shareholding in MMSV is held jointly between BOV (50%) and MAPFRE Middlesea plc (50%). Moreover, BOV is a major shareholder in MAPFRE Middlesea plc with an equity stake of just over 31%. BOV added that MAPFRE Middlesea plc will also be making a €20 million capital injection into MMSV.