RS2 Software plc - Supplement to Prospectus

On 30 March 2021, RS2 Software plc announced that it applied and obtained authorisation for the publication of a Supplement to the Prospectus dated 19 February 2021 issued in respect of an offer of up to 28,571,400 preference shares at an offer price of €1.75 per preference share. The Supplement includes the following changes to the Prospectus:

Section 4.4 – “Reason for the Offer and Use of Proceeds”

Instead of the minimum take-up of 50% of the offer, in the event that the offer is not fully subscribed for, RS2 will now proceed with the allotment and listing of the preference shares subscribed for.

Extension of the Offer Period

The offer period is being extended until 12:00 hrs (noon) on 16 April 2021

Right of Withdrawal

In accordance with the Prospectus Regulation, investors who subscribed for the preference shares before 30 March 2021 have the right to withdraw their application by 6 April 2021. No withdrawals will be accepted after this date.


RS2 Software plc – Supplement dated 30 March 2021 to the Prospectus dated 19 February 2021.