M&Z plc - Basis of Acceptance

On 22 February 2022, M&Z plc announced the basis of acceptance in relation to the offer for sale of 11,550,000 shares at €0.72 each. In this respect, 4.62 million shares were allocated to Authorised Intermediaries through Pre-Allocation Agreements. Moreover, applications for an additional 895,000 shares received from ‘Preferred Applicants’ were also allocated in full.

Meanwhile, applications for a total of 8,325,200 shares were also received from Authorised Intermediaries in respect of the remaining 6,035,000 shares available during the Intermediaries’ Offer. Accordingly, each Authorised Intermediary participating in the Intermediaries’ Offer been allocated 72.49% of the number of shares applied for.

The ordinary shares of M&Z plc are expected to be admitted to the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange on 11 March 2022 and trading is expected to commence on 14 March 2022.