Merkanti Holding plc - Updated Financial Analysis Summary

On 30 June 2022, Merkanti Holding plc published an updated Financial Analysis Summary. The following are the main highlights of the company’s expected financial performance and position in 2022:

  • Net interest income is projected at negative €0.38 million (2021: +€0.12 million) whilst the Bank is anticipating positive net fees and commissions of €0.08 million (2021: €0.46 million).
  • As Merkanti is forecasting a €1.13 million gain on the disposal of an asset, it is expecting to record a net profit of €0.19 million which would still be lower than the net profit of €0.32 million posted in 2021.
  • The financial position is expected to remain virtually unchanged when compared to 31 December 2021 with total assets amounting to €82.5 million, total liability of €28.6 million, and an equity base of €53.9 million.