Daily Market Highlights (01.06.12)

  • The MSE Share Index closed the day marginally lower but closed the week 1.4% higher at 3027.235 points. Today’s gains in GO and Plaza were offset by losses in the equities of BOV, HSBC and MIA. Download a copy of the equity market summary here.
  • On the local bond market, the Rizzo Farrugia maintained its upward path to close at 990.284 points as the Central Bank of Malta once again adjusted the bid prices for the local government stocks upwards. The actions by the Central Bank of Malta reflect the movements in the Eurozone 10 year yields as these touched yet another fresh all-time low of 1.145% this morning due to continuous fear regarding the Spanish banking sector.
  • Plaza Centres today affected its 3-for-1 share split and a single trade of 800 shares was transacted at €0.90, reflecting a 58.7% increase from its previously adjusted level of €0.567.
  • The other positive performer for the day was GO as the share price of the quad play telecom operator inched 2.2% higher to close at €0.92 on activity of 11,060 shares. This week GO’s share price advanced by a further 4.5%.
  • Malta International Airport plc was active for the first time during the week with the share price easing by 1.1% to €1.73 on volumes of 5,000 shares. MIA will be publishing its May passenger statistics during the course of next week.
  • In the banking sector, both active equities closed lower. BOV retreated by 1% to close at €2.06 on volumes of 10,291 shares with HSBC touching a fresh intra-day 37 month low of €2.46 but recovered to the €2.48 on fresh support for the equity. 15,100 shares traded today. Both banking equities closed lower this week.