Daily Market Highlights (01.07.10)

  • Local equity market in negative territory for the seventh successive session. MSE Share Index sheds another 0.3% to 3,355.270 points as BOV and Medserv trade lower. Meanwhile HSBC and MIA close unchanged. On the Alternative Companies List, Loqus Holdings regained the €0.21 level. Download a copy of today’s Equity Market Summary.
  • BOV’s share price drops for the fifth consecutive session. Equity slips a further 0.4% to close at another new 2010 low of €3.05 on low volumes of 2,500 shares. Best bids now placed at €3.01 whilst other offers remained unsatisfied at the closing price.
  • Meanwhile HSBC continues to trade at the €2.83 level. Volumes still low with just over 7,000 shares changing hands during this morning’s session. Best bids now pitched at €2.821 whilst further offers remaining unsatisfied at the closing price.
  • Single trades transacted in MIA and Medserv. The airport operator traded unchanged at the €1.62 on thin volumes of 610 shares. Meanwhile Medserv let go its 2010 high as its share price drifted 0.7% back to the €4.25 level on marginal volumes of 220 shares.
  • Loqus Holdings jumps 40% to regain the €0.21 level following the removal of the trade ranges. This equity trades for the first time since 31 May. Highest outstanding bids placed at €0.20 and lowest offers in the market at the €0.32 level.
  • The Malta Stock Exchange this afternoon announced that the €15 million 7.5% MIH Bonds 2012 – 2014 and the €20 million 7.5% MIH Bonds 2015 have been upgraded to the Official List as they now meet the eligibility criteria.
  • A further €18,000 (nominal) of the recently issued 5.35% Izola Bank plc Secured Notes 2015 change hands at par during today’s session. No bids in the market with lowest offers amounting to €10,000 (nominal) pitched at the 100.50% level. Fact sheet on these Secured Notes is available here.

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