Daily Market Highlights (02.07.10)

  • MSE Share Index marginally recovers in the last session of the week to close at 3,358.969 points as the increase in GO offsets BOV’s minimal decline. Despite today’s upturn the Index still closed the week lower for the sixth successive week led by declines in BOV, IHI, HSBC and Medserv. Download a copy of today’s Equity Market Summary.
  • BOV’s share price sinks to a fresh 2010 low of €3.029 before recovering to €3.049 representing a marginal decline over the previous close. Over 6,300 shares traded today with best bids still placed at the €3.10 level whilst further offers remain unsatisfied at the closing price. Equity ranks as the worst performing equity with a 2.9% weekly drop.
  • Meanwhile HSBC fails to trade today closing the week only marginally lower at the €2.83 level. Best bids already placed minimally higher at €2.831 whilst lowest offers now pitched at the €2.88 level.
  • GO dips to an intra-day low of €1.85 before fresh bids helped the equity climb back to the €1.93 level to close today’s session 1.6% higher. Combined with the increases earlier in the week, the telecoms Group ended this short week 4.3% higher.
  • The newly listed 6.6% Eden Finance plc 2017 – 2020 Bonds active for the first time since listing on 17 June. €210,000 (nominal) trade this morning at the par level with no further bids or offers in sight. Fact sheet on these bonds is available here.
  • Another €200,000 (nominal) of the recently issued 5.35% Izola Bank plc Secured Notes 2015 exchanged at par during this morning’s session. No bids in the market with lowest offers amounting to €10,000 (nominal) at the 100.50% level. Fact sheet on these Secured Notes is available here.
  • Yesterday the Malta Stock Exchange announced that the €15 million 7.5% MIH Bonds 2012 – 2014 and the €20 million 7.5% MIH Bonds 2015 have been upgraded to the Official List as they now meet the eligibility criteria.

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