Daily Market Highlights (06.07.2021)

Activity in RS2 takes centre stage once again


The MSE Equity Price Index slipped by 0.19% to 3,871.254 points as the declines in GO, MIDI and Malita outweighed the gains in RS2 and BOV whilst BMIT and HSBC closed unchanged. Trading activity amounted to €0.31 million as most volumes took place in the ordinary shares of RS2 Software plc which added 0.6% to the €1.72 level across 154,739 shares having a market value of €0.26 million. Download today’s Equity Market Summary.

Bank of Valletta plc also trended higher with a gain of 0.6% to the €0.905 level on 11,136 shares.

Within the same sector, HSBC Bank Malta plc stayed at the €0.80 level across 14,666 shares.

A single deal of 10,000 shares left the equity of BMIT Technologies plc at the €0.48 level.

Meanwhile, GO plc moved 1.8% lower back to the €3.30 level across 3,000 shares. Trading in the newly issued 3.5% GO plc 2031 unsecured bonds commenced today. The bond closed at 104.75% after partially retreating from a high of 105%, on robust volumes totalling €0.29 million (nominal).

In the property segment, Malita Investments plc and MIDI plc lost 0.6% and 6.5% to €0.845 and €0.40 respectively albeit on trivial volumes.

The Board of Directors of PG plc is scheduled to meet today to consider the distribution of an interim dividend for the financial year ended 30 April 2021. The equity remained inactive today.

The RF MGS Index dropped by 0.11% to a one-year low of 1,097.552 points amid encouraging retail sales data in the euro area which increased by 4.6% in May, beating an earlier forecast of a 3.9% monthly growth. Elsewhere in Germany, although the Zew Economic Sentiment Index moved to the lowest level since January after reaching its highest level in May, it still indicates a general positive outlook for the rest of the year. Meanwhile, the price of oil reached the highest level in six years as ‘OPEC+’ talks were postponed indefinitely without reaching an agreement on production quantities.