Daily Market Highlights (12.10.09)

  • MSE Share Index recovers most of last week’s 0.9% downturn as the Index rises 0.6% to 3,180.201 points during today’s session driven by the positive performances of BOv and HSBC. Meanwhile all other active equities remain unchanged. Subdued trading activity persists in the local secondary market. Download a copy of today’s Equity Market Summary.
  • BOV’s share price increases by a further 1.2% to close at the €3.40 level. 4,146 shares exchanged today with best bids still in the market at €3.25 whilst other offers outstanding at the closing price.
  • HSBC also trades 1.1% higher to €2.77 on seven trades totalling 15,360 shares. Further bids remaining unsatisfied at the closing price with lowest offers now placed at the €2.81 level.
  • A further 1,813 GO shares trade at the €1.55 level, unchanged from the previous close. Best bids still pitched at €1.50 with lowest offers now placed at the €1.651 level.
  • Lombard Bank also trades unchanged at the €2.50 level on volumes of 1,700 shares. Offers totalling 28,046 shares remain outstanding at €2.50.
  • Island Hotels Group maintains its IPO price as a further 4,700 shares exchanged today at the €1.00 level. Few bids remain unsatisfied at the closing price with offers of 255,500 shares in the market at the €1.07 level.
  • A single trade of 1,400 MIA shares transacted at the €2.25 level, unchanged from the previous close. Last Tuesday, MIA published the September 2009 traffic results showing a 3.1% drop in passenger departures during the month of September to 162,103 passengers (September 2008: 167,282). During the first nine months of 2009, passenger departures declined by 8.1%, representing a decrease of 101,052 passengers. Shortly before the publication of the 2009 half-year results, MIA’s CEO Mr Julian Jaeger had revised downwards the traffic projection for 2009 from 5.5% to 6.8%.
  • Santumas Shareholdings declines by 1.3% to €3.00 on a single trade of 2,625 shares.
  • The recently listed 6.5% IHG Holdings plc 2017 – 2019 bonds gain a further 15 basis points following the 75 bp rise last Friday. Just under  €10,000 nominal were exchanged today at the 100.90% level while the 6.25% IHI plc 2015-19 bonds continue to trade at the par level with a further €60,000 (nominal) changing hands.

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