Daily Market Highlights (14.10.10)

  • Local equity market back into positive territory as support emerges in the latter part of today’s session. MSE Share Index tested new 2010 lows before being lifted to 3,346.092 points representing a 0.3% rise over the previous closing value. BOV and MIA close higher today whilst GO was the only equity to register a decline. Meanwhile the other five active equities closed unchanged. Download a copy of today’s Equity Market Summary.
  • BOV recovers from yesterday’s 1.2% drop to close at the €3.24 level. 14,125 shares traded today with further offers unsatisfied at the closing price whilst best bids now pitched at the €3.18 level. The Bank is due to publish its September full-year results by the end of October.
  • A further 9,000 HSBC shares traded at the €2.80 level, unchanged from the previous close. Another 2,000 shares on offer at the last traded price whilst best bids now placed at the €2.789 level.
  • GO’s share price eases marginally lower this morning to close at €1.84 across five trades amounting to 32,700 shares. Offers already placed lower at €1.835 whilst best bids still placed at the €1.81 level.
  • Simonds Farsons Cisk closes sharply lower at the opening of today’s trading session to the €1.65 level on just 99 shares. A trade of 300 shares executed at the end of this morning’s session lifted its share price back up to the €1.75 level representing no change from the previous closing price. Best bids still placed at €1.65 whilst further offers remained unsatisfied at the €1.75 level. The Farsons Group is scheduled to pay its interim dividend on 22 October.
  • Middlesea touches the €1.00 level for the first time in three weeks before easing back to the €0.99 level, equivalent to yesterday’s closing price. Just over 1,500 shares exchanged today with further bids unsatisfied at the closing price whilst lowest offers still in the market at the €1.00 level.
  • Further demand for MIA shares lifts the equity another 0.7% higher to the €1.54 level across two trades amounting to 5,300 shares. Lowest offers now placed at the 1.55 level whilst best bids still outstanding at the €1.52 level. Details on the September passenger numbers available here.
  • Single trades executed in IHI and Grand Harbour Marina as both equities close unchanged. 10,000 IHI shares trade at the €0.80 level whilst over 2,000 GHM shares change hands at the €1.96 level.
  • Details on the FIMBank plc bond issue and copy of the prospectus available here.

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