Daily Market Highlights (18.10.10)

  • MSE Share Index eases minimally lower today to 3,347.436 points as Lombard’s 1.9% drop offsets the increase in the share price of GO and Grand Harbour Marina. Meanwhile HSBC, BOV and MaltaPost all closed unchanged. Download a copy of today’s Equity Market Summary.
  • Central Bank of Malta Stockbroker lowers its bid prices for the second consecutive session as the benchmark 10-year Eurozone yield recovered further to reach the 2.39% level. Almost €594,000 traded in the 20-year MGS with the price closing 102.82% – substantially lower than its recent high of 104.66%.
  • Fresh sell orders force Lombard’s share price 1.9% lower to €2.65 – the lowest level since 6 November 2009. A single trade of 2,000 shares transacted this morning with offers already placed lower at €2.645 whilst best bids pitched at the €2.40 level.
  • On the other hand GO recovers from an 11-month low of €1.815 to close unchanged at the €1.85 level, representing a 0.5% increase over the previous close. 6,000 shares change hands today.
  • Grand Harbour Marina also in positive territory today as the equity regains its 2010 high. Share price edges 1% higher to €1.98 on a single trade of 500 shares. Best bids still in the market at €1.92 whilst other offers outstanding at the closing price.
  • BOV’s share price again unchanged at the €3.24 level across ten trades amounting to over 6,300 shares. Further offers remain unsatisfied at the closing price whilst best bids pitched at the €3.201 level. The Bank is expected to publish its financial results for the year ended 30 September 2010 by the end of the month.
  • HSBC also closes unchanged at the €2.798 level after recovering from an intra-day low of €2.789 on volumes of 11,264 shares. Offers already placed lower at €2.795 whilst best bid now pitched at the €2.775 level.
  • MaltaPost maintains the €0.90 level on a single trade of over 2,000 shares. Further bids remained unsatisfied whilst no offers available in the market.
  • Details on the FIMBank plc bond issue and copy of the prospectus available here.

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