Daily Market Highlights (20.10.09)

  • MSE Share Index drops by a further 1.1% to 3,122.145 points as declines in HSBC, IHI, MIA and FIMBank offset increases in Lombard Bank and IHG Holdings. Meanwhile BOV and GO close unchanged. Various corporate bonds also active today with encouraging volumes in some issues. Download a copy of today’s Equity Market Summary.
  • HSBC reverses most of last week’s 2.2% rise as the share price declines by 1.4% during this morning’s session to close the day at €2.77 on volumes of 6,215 shares.
  • Meanwhile BOV closes unchanged at the €3.35 level after touching an intraday high of €3.389. Just over 6,000 shares exchanged today with best bids now at €3.32 whilst lowest offers pitched at the €3.369 level. Yesterday, the Bank announced that its September 2009 full-year results will be published on Friday 30 October.
  • IHI declines by 3.4% for the second consecutive session to close at the €0.821 level on a single trade of just 2,884 shares. Meanwhile the recently issued IHG Holdings shares trade 5% higher to a fresh high of €1.05 on two trades totalling 2,500 shares. No further demand for this equity with lowest offers pitched at the €1.00 level.
  • MIA also sheds 2.2% as 358 shares trade at €2.20. Few other bids remain unsatisfied at the closing price with lowest offers now in the market at the €2.24 level.
  • FIMBank edges 0.6% lower to yet another fresh multi-year low of US$1.11 level. Best bids still in the market at US$1.10 whilst lowest offers now placed at the US$1.22 level. Following the large volumes traded yesterday of 210,540 shares, only 18,850 shares changed hands today. The local and international online press reported over the weekend that FIMBank is targeting the Romanian factoring market in collaboration with Romanian company Romfactor. FIMBank’s president, Margrith Lütschg Emmenegger, descrbed this collaboration as a “trade finance alliance”.
  • Lombard regains the €2.50 level as the share price climbs 2% this morning on volumes of 4,600 shares. Further offers remaining outstanding at the closing price whilst best bids in the market at the €2.46 level.
  • GO closed unchanged at the €1.60 level after recovering from an intra-day low of €1.58 on volumes of 4,810 shares. Best bids already placed marginally higher at €1.609 whilst lowest offers in the market at the €1.65 level.

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