Daily Market Highlights (21.06.2010)

  • The MSE Share Index closes the first session of the week in positive territory gaining 0.21% as Middlesea climbs 5.3% to a 2010 high of €1.00. BOV and GO also close higher whilst HSBC is today’s only negative performer. Download a copy of today’s Equity Market Summary .
  • BOV gains 0.6% to close today’s session at €3.27. 3,819 shares exchanged today with best bids pitched at the €3.25 level and lowest offers placed at the closing price.
  • On the other hand, 20,250 HSBC shares trade 0.7% lower at €2.851 level after a1.8% gain last week. Further shares remain on offer at €2.88 and bids are placed at the closing price level. Middlesea Insurance moves further ahead – trading 5.3% higher at a 2010 high of €1.00. 11,749 shares on offer at this level, with bids placed minimally lower at €0.99.
  • GO reverses some of last week’s declines as the share price gains 1.7% to close at the €1.85 level over a single 1,200 share transaction. Best bids now placed higher than the closing price at €1.851 whilst lowest offers stand at €1.90.
  • SFC’s share price remained unchanged at €1.80 over a single 2,566 shares trade. Further bids are pitched at this level however offers are placed significantly higher at €2.60.
  • Last week Mediterranean Investments Holding plc (MIH) announced details of a new 7-year bond issue carrying a coupon of 7.15%. The amount on offer is the equivalent of €30 million and can be subscribed to in EUR, GBP and USD. The Issuer reserves the right to increase the amount by a further €10 million equivalent in case of over-subscription. Further details and copy of the prospectus available here.
  • Tumas Investments plc is issuing a new €20 million bond at a coupon of 6.2% per annum. The bonds have a final maturity date of 9 July 2020 but may be redeemed early on any date between 9 July 2017 and 8 July 2020. The Issuer reserves the right to increase the amount up to a further €5 million in the event of over-subscription. Further details available here.
  • Izola Bank plc announced that the Intermediaries Offer of €7 million 5.35% Secured Notes maturing in 2015 was oversubscribed by over 59%. The Issuer exercised the over-allotment option and increased the issue by a further €2 million. Further details available here.

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