Daily Market Highlights (25.01.11)

  • Local equity market in positive territory for the third consecutive session. MSE Share Index up 0.4% to 3,872.871 points as HSBC continued to recover from last week’s drop and MIA hit a new multi-year high. Middlesea also closed higher whilst BOV and GO edged lower. Download a copy of today’s Equity Market Summary.
  • Following ten sessions of declines, the Rizzo Farrugia MGS Index edged 0.2% higher today to regain 984.775 points as Eurozone yields eased back to the 3.12% level.
  • HSBC up another 1.2% to the €3.51 level on volumes of almost 70,000 shares. All outstanding offers at the €3.50 level snapped up on renewed demand for the equity ahead of the full-year results due by the end of February.
  • Meanwhile BOV eases slightly lower to the €3.145 level on volumes of over 20,000 shares. Further offers unsatisfied at the closing price whilst best bids now in the market at the €3.12 level. BOV is soon expected to publish its Interim Directors’ Statement to update the investing public on its performance since the last financial year ended 30 September 2010.
  • MIA’s share price moves closer to its all-time high of €1.875. The equity of the airport operator climbed 1.7% this morning to €1.81 on high volumes of just over 79,000 shares as the market reacted positively to the press conference held this morning. MIA’s CEO Mr Julian Jaeger revealed that in 2011 the company aims to maintain the record passenger numbers of 2010. Further details available here.
  • GO’s share price slips 0.6% lower to close below the €1.94 level for the first time this year. Over 29,700 shares exchanged today with best bids in the market at €1.89 whilst lowest offers pitched at the €1.93 level. Yesterday, Forthnet announced that Forgendo (GO’s joint-venture with EITL) acquired a further 72,999 shares at an average price of €0.58 thus raising its stake to 41.19%. Further details available here.
  • Low volumes in Middlesea Insurance as two trades amounting to just 400 shares transacted at the €1.01 level representing a 0.8% rise from the previous close. Best bids outstanding at €1.005 whilst lowest offers placed at the €1.059 level.

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