Daily Market Highlights (28.09.09)

  • MSE Share Index rises 1.7% to the 3,059.004 level as intensified demand for BOV shares help the equity jump 3.6%. HSBC and IHI also trade higher whilst GO, MIA and Medserv close unchanged. Download a copy of today’s Equity Market Summary.
  • Following last week’s 2.3% increase, BOV’s share price soars a further 3.6% to a fresh 2009 high of €3.20 level (a price level last seen in October 2008) as investors take positions in anticipation of the September 2009 full-year results due for publication by end of October. Increased volumes of 30,782 shares across 15 trades with best bids now placed at €2.15 whilst lowest offers pitched at the €3.296 level.
  • BOV’s positive performance also aids HSBC shares to trade higher. Equity rises 1.5% to regain the €2.67 level on volumes of just below 8,900 shares. Best bids in the market now at €2.641 whilst lowest offers placed at the €2.75 level.
  • GO closes unchanged at the €1.58 level after recovering from an intra-day low of €1.50. Nine trades amounting to 14,720 shares transacted this morning with best bids in the market at €1.50 whilst lowest offers at the €1.60 level.
  • MIA maintains last Friday’s 5.2% rise as 900 shares trade unchanged at the €2.23 level. Bids already placed 6.4% higher than the closing price at €2.374 whilst lowest offers are still at considerably higher levels (€2.99).
  • Single trades transacted in IHI and Medserv. IHI’s share price increased by 2.5% to €0.82 on just 165 shares. Meanwhile 750 Medserv shares traded at the €3.745 level, unchanged from the previous close.
  • The General Offering for the €25 million Melita Capital plc bonds issued at a coupon of 7.15% per annum with interest payable semi-annually opened this morning. This follows the pre-placement which took place last Thursday. For further details on the new bond issue please click here.
  • Allocation policy in respect of the equity and bond offerings by Island Hotels Group Holdings plc, which closed early last week, are to be announced in the coming days.

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