- New Malta Government Stock Issues

The Treasury has announced the issue of two new Malta Government Stocks totalling Lm29.5 million. The public has once again been offered only one option – Lm10.5 million in the 18-year paper at par and which was also on offer a few months ago at a coupon rate of 5.1% per annum due for redemption on 16 August 2022. The other issue consists of Lm19 million 5.9% 2009 (III) at Lm107.80 for every Lm100 nominal translating into a yield to maturity of 3.95% per annum.

However this stock is only available to the larger investor and the Treasury will be accepting tenders for a minimum of Lm50,000 nominal at prices starting from Lm107.80. After the next respective interest payment dates of both stocks, these new issues will be integrated with the existing stocks already issued by the Treasury. Subscriptions for these new issues open on Wednesday 10 November and close on Monday 15 November.

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