LifeStar Holding plc - Bond Issue Allocation Policy

GlobalCapital today announced the allocation policy applicable for its Euro 10 million bond offering. The issuer has exercised the over-allotment option of Euro 7 million, bringing the total bond issue to Euro 17 million.

GlobalCapital’s CEO Nicholas Portelli said that the company received over 1,200 applications for a total value exceeding Euro 19 million.
Applications made at pre-placement stage for a total value of Euro 8.5 million would be met in full.

From the other €8.5 million received from the general public, those applications with a value up to €10,000 will be allotted in full. For those applications between €10,001 and €100,000, the first €10,000 will be fully satisfied whilst 18.6% of the balance will be allotted. Likewise, for those applications over €100,001, the first €10,000 will be fully allotted coupled with 15.3% of the remaining balance.

Interest on the bonds shall commence as from 26 May 2006.

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