Loqus Holdings plc - Changes in substantial shareholding

On 9 October 2007 Datatrak Holdings plc announced that Mr Anthony Demajo acquired:

• 1,000,750 shares from Dr Pascal Demajo at Lm0.10 per share; and

• 225,000 shares from Demco Limited also at a price of Lm0.10 per share.

Prior to the acquisition of these shares, Mr Anthony Demajo held 125,000 shares. Following these purchases, Mr Anthony Demajo’s total holding increased to 1,350,750 shares or 8.47% of the total issued share capital of Datatrak Holdings plc. Mr Anthony Demajo is now the third largest shareholder in Datatrak Holdings plc.

Furthermore, following the disposal of these shares, Dr Pascal Demajo and Demco Limited no longer hold any shares in Datatrak Holdings plc.

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