6pm Holdings plc - Initial Public Offering

On 3 September 2007, the shareholders of 6pm Holdings plc (Ivan Bartolo, Alan Timothy West-Robinson and Stephen David Wightman) announced a public offering of 2,250,000 shares (30% of the issued share capital of the Company) of a nominal value of GBP0.20 each at a price of GBP0.67 per share.

6pm Holdings plc was incorporated on 28 May 2007 and converted into a public limited company on 22 August 2007.  It is a holding company and has two fully-owned subsidiaries – 6pm Limited and 6pm Management Consultancy (UK) Limited.

The 6pm Group is principally engaged in the provision of managed IT services and systems integration that supports enterprise software. The Group is focused on servicing clients with pre-installed operating systems, databases and other applications who find it more cost-effective to outsource their IT demands. The Group operates mainly in the United Kingdom but also services clients in other countries including Scandinavia, America and Canada. Its clients range from small companies to very large international companies involved in various industry sectors as well as local and central government. In particular, the Group works in partnership with other larger IT service companies and consultancies in the UK such as CapGemini, Fujitsu UK and British Telecom.

6pm Limited was originally established in 2001 under the name of 6pm Management Consultancy Limited by Ivan Bartolo. In September 2004, 6pm Management Consultancy (UK) Limited was set up by Alan Timothy West-Robinson and Stephen David Wightman to work closely with 6pm Limited.

The offer opens on Monday 17 September and closes on Thursday 20 September or earlier. The Company’s 7,500,000 ordinary shares are expected to be admitted to the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange on 24 September 2007, with trading in these shares expected to commence the following day.

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