Loqus Holdings plc - Partnership with Medcomms Ltd

On 2 February 2007, Datatrak Holdings plc announced that its 50% owned subsidiary Datatrak IT Services Ltd has partnered with Medcomms Ltd, the exclusive distributors of the satellite navigation system Garmin, to offer Malta-based maps for satellite navigation. Medcomms Ltd was set up in Malta in 1965 and has become internationally recognised in the marine electronic industry providing a comprehensive range of products and services for merchant ships, fishing boats, pleasure craft, and many other vessels. Since 1990 Medcomms has been active in the Aerospace, Terrestrial and Automotive sectors. The satellite navigation system in Malta and Gozo is expected to be available by end March 2007 based on Garmin’s GPS technology. This system will be utilising Datatrak’s extensive range of mapping products and services.

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