Malta Government Stocks - Pricing of new Malta Government Stocks

Further to the announcement of 13 October related to the issue of the new Malta Government Stocks, the Treasury today established the prices for the 2 new stocks as follows:

• 5.1% MGS 2014 (III) at 101.50% for every €100 nominal giving a yield to maturity of 4.79% per annum;

• 5.0% MGS 2021 (I) at 99.50% for every €100 nominal giving a yield to maturity of 5.05% per annum.

The total aggregate amount is of €50 million (subject to an over-allotment option of up to a further €15 million). Subscriptions open on Monday 20 October and close on Wednesday 22 October.

The General Public has the possibility of applying in any of the issues at up to a maximum amount of €100,000 (nominal) per application. For applications in excess of €100,100 (nominal), an application must submit a tender.

Investors interested in applying for any of the Malta Government Stock Issues are kindly asked to complete an Application Form (accompanied by full payment) and to forward this to our office as soon as possible but definitely not later than Wednesday 22 October at 15:00 hrs.

Application forms must be accompanied by full payment. Application Forms are available for download from our website or by sending an email request to

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