Malta International Airport plc - February Traffic Statistics

On 9 March Malta International Airport published its February traffic statistics which revealed that passenger movements at MIA dropped by 10.5% in February. During the first two months of the year there was a decrease of 11.2% in passenger movements compared to the same period last year.

MIA explained that passenger movements on scheduled and non-scheduled flights in February reached 139,747 – a decline of 16,458 when compared to February 2008, although last year February had an additional day. Likewise, both the aircraft movements and cargo and mail figures registered a decline of 10.6% and 4.3% respectively.

Passenger traffic for the three main markets, UK, Italy and Germany, declined by 11.5%, 11.9% and 18.7% respectively. On the other hand, MIA registered a rise of 28.7% from the French market and 17.6% from the United Arab Emirates.

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