FIMBank plc - Newspaper Article Clarification

On 11 May, FIMBank plc made reference to the news item featured on the first page of the Sunday Times dated 10 May 2009 entitled “Xemxija Project is at a standstill” where Mr. Jeffrey Montebello referred to a partnership between FIMBank plc and “Xemxija Project” (also known as the Mistra Heights development).

FIMBank clarified that it is neither a partner, nor a Lender, nor has it issued any guarantees or indeed financing in relation to the Project. FIMBank plc also stated that Al Massaleh Real Estates Limited who, in the same news item is reported to be one of the joint venture partners in the “Xemxija Project”, is an affiliate of one of the Group’s shareholders Massaleh Investments K.S.C.C. and has no direct relations with FIMBank plc.

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