FIMBank plc - Update to maintain a fair market

On 7 July 2011 FIMBank plc provided an updated following the announcement made the previous day and the article entitled “Announcement on €20.4 million claim: Court temporarily suspends garnishee order it had issued” published in “The Times of Malta” edition of 7 July 2011.

FIMBank plc informed investors that the Courts of Malta accepted its application and decided in its favour for the immediate and conclusive revocation of the garnishee order. A newspaper article published on 8 July 2011 explained that this garnishee order was revoked as the judge claimed that FIMBank has enough liquidity to guarantee the payment of the amount the Maltese company is claiming.

FIMBank also stated that it will continue to limit its comments on the merits of the case which is sub judice and also in view of its overriding obligation of confidentiality.