Corinthia Finance plc - Allocation Policy

On 22 March, Corinthia Finance plc published the allocation policy with respect to the issue of €7.5 million 6% Bonds maturing between 2019 and 2022. The announcement confirmed last Tuesday’s statement that the issue was oversubscribed through the swap of the new bonds for the maturing 6.75% bonds.

Total applications received for the new 6% Bonds amounted to €8.6 million, which is €1.1 million in excess of the amount on offer. The Company revealed that applications up to €40,000 will be satisfied in full thereby satisfying 98 per cent of all applications received. In the case of applicants of amounts of over €40,000, the Company will likewise satisfy the first €40,000 in full together with a further allocation of 4.95% of the remaining balance rounded to the nearest thousand.

Interest on the Bonds will commence on Thursday 29 March whilst the allotment advices and refunds of unallocated funds will be delivered by Tuesday 10 April 2012. The announcement also revealed that the new Bonds are expected to be listed on the Official List of the Malta Stock Xxchange on Wednesday 11 April with trading expected to commence the following day on Thursday 12 April.