MedservRegis plc - Further Extension of Conditional Agreement

On 06 March 2020, Medserv plc issued an announcement with reference to the conditional framework agreement concluded between Anthony S. Diancono, Anthony J. Duncan and Malampaya Investments Limited as well as AMT S.A on 30 November 2019. The same parties to the agreement had entered into an extension agreement whereby the 31 January 2020 deadline for the launch of the Voluntary Bid had been extended to 6 March 2020 and is now being extended further to 17 April 2020 in order to provide additional time to the parties to complete each of their respective conditions, including the board approval of the share for share exchange.

The Company noted that the financial, legal and tax due diligence on AMT SA and its subsidiary/associated companies is at an advanced stage and the Company and AMT SA are in negotiations in respect of the share purchase agreement, which negotiations are expected to continue during the aforementioned extended period.

Medserv plc will keep the market informed of any further developments in this regard.