Tigné Mall plc - Re-Opening of The Point

On 5 May 2020, Tigné Mall plc announced that The Point shopping mall re‐opened for business following the announcement made by the Minister of Health and the Superintendent of Public Health on 1 May 2020. The mall’s operation resumed subject to strict adherence to the stringent health and safety measures and procedures as laid down by the public health authorities. Meanwhile, the new opening hours have been reduced for this initial period and the shopping mall is open from Monday to Saturday from 11.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs.

The company confirmed that it ensured that all outlets that have been granted permission to re‐open were fully briefed with respect to the measures to be deployed within their respective stores. Tigné Mall also introduced a strict daily cleansing and sanitising regime for the mall’s common areas amongst other measures and procedures. These safeguards have been introduced for the wellbeing of both the mall’s visitors and its staff, and management is committed to ensuring their observance on an on‐ going basis.

The Board of Directors and management will continue to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis and will take any further measures that render the mall a safe destination within the prevailing circumstances.