MIDI plc - Revocation of Development Permit for Manoel Island

On 18 June 2020, MIDI plc issued an announcement in relation to the decision of the Environment & Planning Review Tribunal (“EPRT”) published on 17 June 2020, wherein the EPRT concluded that there was a breach in the Environment Impact Assessment (“EIA”) in respect of the revised Outline Development Permit for Manoel Island which had been approved by the Planning Authority (“PA”) on 20 March 2019. The EPRT decided that a fresh EIA must be submitted by MIDI to the Environment Resources Authority (“ERA”) in order for the PA to reconsider the application.

In this context, MIDI reiterated that it remains fully committed to the Manoel Island project and the development of the site as contemplated in the deed of emphyteusis entered into with the Government of Malta on 15 June 2000. MIDI also concluded by saying that it will keep the market updated with any developments as they arise in accordance with its regulatory obligations.