Malta International Airport plc - August Traffic Results

On 10 September 2021, Malta International Airport plc announced that during the month of August, it welcomed 407,435 passengers which is 50.5% lower than the all-time record amount of  823,653 movements recorded in August 2019. Moreover, passenger traffic in August 2021 increased by almost 31% from the previous month, and more than doubled when compared to the total of 190,505 movements recorded in June 2021.

MIA explained that the encouraging performance in August 2021 reflected the solid performance of markets such as France and Poland. In fact, seat load factors on a number of routes from these two markets surpassed the 80% mark. In addition, during August 2021, the UK market continued to recover at a faster-than-envisaged pace as nearly 100,000 passenger movements were registered, thus outperforming the Italian market and also regaining the position as the largest market for MIA after having last ranked first in April 2020.

Overall, every flight that operated from MIA in August 2021 carried an average of 111 passengers on board, which is 28% lower than the average for August 2019 of 155 passengers. Although  these results surpassed expectations, the airport operator noted that the travel industry remains in the shadow of changing entry requirements, uncertainty, and short-term planning, as the aviation winter season looms on the horizon. MIA is currently working with partner airlines towards finalising a flight schedule for the upcoming season.