Malta International Airport plc - November Traffic Results

On 9 December 2021, Malta International Airport plc announced that it welcomed almost 316,000 passengers during the month of November. This represents a drop of 26.3% from the previous month and is 35.9% lower than the amount of 493,201 movements recorded in November 2019 (the lowest percentage decline since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic). MIA also added that the seat load factor stood at 69.3% which is in line with the performance recorded in September and October 2021

During the month of November 2021, Italy surpassed the UK as MIA’s largest market as it represented almost 20% of total passenger movements. Moreover, Poland re-appeared among the top five markets as it outperformed Spain following the introduction of the Warsaw Modlin route. Meanwhile, Germany and France retained their position among MIA’s largest markets.

Commenting on this traffic update, MIA CEO Mr Alan Borg said that: “November’s traffic performance was in line with our expectations, however, the success of the holiday season depends on how Europe responds to the evolving epidemiological situation and the emergence of new variants. The introduction of tighter and fragmented restrictions would deal a new blow to consumer confidence, which would not only impact air travel in December, but also have more far-reaching effects into 2022.”