Malta International Airport plc - November Traffic Results

On 7 December 2023, Malta International Airport plc published the November 2023 traffic results. Passenger movements exceeded their relative 2019 figures for the eleventh consecutive month and amounted to 528,923 passenger movements, which is 7.2% above the November 2019 passenger traffic. Passenger movements in November 2023 were also 22% higher than the movements registered in the same month last year.

The seat load factor for November 2023 was at 84.9%, which is 6.8 percentage points higher than in November 2019.

MIA stated that the most popular destinations remained Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany, but also highlighted the growth in passenger traffic to and from Poland which increased by 120% when compared to 2019 levels. MIA stated that flights between seven Polish destinations and Malta had a high seat load of 92%, despite also being more frequent when compared to 2019.

The passenger movements during the eleven-month period ended November 2023 amounted to 7.27 million, representing an increase of 6.5% over the corresponding period in 2019 and 34% above the passenger traffic recorded in the same period last year.

On 7 November 2023, MIA had updated its guidance for the year and now expects 2023 annual passenger movements of 7.8 million compared to the August forecast of 7.2 million (2019: 7.31 million). For the 2023 financial year, MIA expects record revenue of €118 million (2019: €100.2 million), EBITDA of €74 million (2019: €63.2 million) and net profit of €40 million (2019: €33.9 million).