MaltaPost plc - Revised Postal Rates

On 22 August 2023, MaltaPost plc announced that the Malta Communications Authority (“MCA’) approved its previous requests to revise tariffs related to the Universal Services Obligation (“USO”). The changes to the tariffs will be affected as from 28 August 2023. MaltaPost explained that the changes are expected to alleviate the negative impact of services covered by the USO on the company’s financial performance.

As a result, the local postage rate is set to increase by €0.01, with the local letters up to 50 grams increasing from €0.37 to €0.38. Foreign postage rates will increase by €0.10, with foreign letters weighing up to 20 grams set to cost €1.50.

Furthermore, MaltaPost stated that it is in discussions with the MCA to address other issues falling within the scope of USO to reduce the costs of delivering the USO and to establish a fair tariff mechanism covering all the regulated postal services.