5.6% GLOBALCAPITAL PLC 2014/2016


GlobalCapital plc - Prospectus 10th May 2006

The Company

GlobalCapital plc (formerly Global Financial Services Group plc), incorporates a holding company, GlobalCapital Holdings Limited with a number of subsidiaries operating primarily in four different business segments: investment and advisory services; life assurance business; insurance agency and broking activities; and property development, management and consultancy.

Use of Proceeds

The Bond was issued for the Group’s general financing purposes. In particular, the proceeds have been used to reorganise the Group’s inter-company borrowings and fund the expansion of operations in its core business segments. This will include, but will not be limited to, the following:

  • Expansion of the Group’s life assurance operations either via joint ventures or possible acquisitions;
  • Development of pension fund administration and servicing capabilities;
  • Investment in quality immovable properties both locally and overseas.

The Group is currently seeking to achieve a balance between property held for development purposes and property held for long-term income and capital appreciation. The proceeds of the Bond Issue will assist the Issuer in achieving this balance, in the short term, by increasing the Group’s holding of immovable property held for income generation and longer-term capital appreciation purposes.

The Issuer will also be looking to anticipate and take advantage of any new business opportunities that may arise that fit the Group’s criteria for growth.

Security & Status

Unsecured & Unsubordinated



Amount Issued





The Bonds will be redeemed at 100% (par) on 2 June 2016. The Issuer reserves the right to redeem all or any part of the Bonds at their nominal value on 2 June 2014 or 2 June 2015 by giving not less than 60 days prior notice to Bondholders.

Interest Payment

Annually on 2 June

XD Date

19 May


Official List


Nicholas Ashford-Hodges (Chairman), Muni Krishna T. Reddy, Dawood A. Rawat, Christopher J. Pace, Thomas Neville St. John Bates, Joseph R. Aquilina, Joseph M. Zrinzo.

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