6.6% Eden Finance plc 2017-2020


Eden Finance plc - Prospectus dated May 2010

The Company

Eden Finance plc, a fully owned subsidiary of Eden Leisure Group Ltd., was set up and established to act as the finance company for the Eden Leisure Group of Companies.

Eden Leisure Group Ltd. is the parent company of the Eden Leisure Group. It traces its origins back to 1966 with the setting up of Sunny Resorts Ltd. This company operated the Eden Rock hotel, a three-star property on the Sliema front that was sold in 1993. In 1975, Sunny Resorts Ltd developed a 27-room hotel in St. George’s Bay in St. Julian’s which was called Eden Beach Aparthotel. The promoters of Sunny Resorts Ltd, the De Cesare family, established a new company, Eden Hotels Ltd, through which they further developed the original investment in St. George’s Bay by the acquisition of additional land for the development of the Eden Beach Hotel (a 250-bed hotel) and Styx discotheque, which were operational in 1980.

The year 1980 was a major turning point in the strategic direction of Eden Hotels Ltd when Ian and Kevin De Cesare took over the company. The company has since then diversified into the entertainment industry. Eden Hotels Ltd changed its name to Eden Leisure Group Ltd in 1993. The Group continued its expansion through strategic alliances with well-known Maltese business partners. Nowadays the Eden Leisure Group, mainly owns and operates: (i) the radio station 89.7 Bay, (ii) various Cinemas, (iii) the Eden SuperBowl, (iv) Cynergi Health & Fitness Club, (v) InterContinental Malta and a 24-hour 300 bay car park (both operated by InterContinental Hotels Corporation), (vi) Bay Arena, (vii) Club Numero Uno, (viii) Axis Discotheque and (ix) Beauty Studio.



Amount issued


ISIN Code:



Eden Leisure Group Limited

Interest Payment

Annually on 15 June


The bonds will mature at 100% (par) on 15 June 2020 but may be redeemed early on any date between 16 June 2017 and 14 June 2020 by giving 30 days notice.


Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange.

XD Date

1 June


Unsubordinated & Unsecured

Use of Proceeds

The net proceeds of the Bond Issue will be used by the Issuer to finance the redemption of the outstading 6.7% Bonds which mature on 12 October 2010. Any unutilised balance from the Bond proceeds will be passed on to the Guarantor, Eden Leisure Group Ltd, for its general funding purposes.


Ian De Cesare, Kevin De Cesare, Walter Camilleri, Joe Caruana, David Vella

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